Roulette system gaming is the classic way to try and beat the online casino by being clever - and if you’ve got a cool head and can ride your luck, it offers you the chance to try and make some regular winnings at the best online roulette tables. Checkout the kudos of online roulette systems, analyse the risks - and spin with simple hot spin tips……..

Roulette strategies - fast wins versus risk?

Roulette systems aim to win by taking advantage of the remarkable odds offered by the game’s even money and dozen section bets - both of which can be predicted with a very acute degree of accuracy (just like you can predict a coin flip). For example, by using progressive stakes, you’re able to essentially bet on selections with a very high chance of winning, but receive an even money payout. However, the rapid wins and high strike rate of roulette strategies means you can hit volatile losing cycles, which need managing carefully to stand a chance of winning in the long-term.

The Martingale system is the classic progressive betting system used to play roulette…….

> Bet 1 unit red/black
> Lose - double stake and re-spin
> Win - quit the system and start again with 1 unit

OK - so you understand the potential behind roulette strategies for delivering fast wins - but you’re equally aware that they contain elements of risk. Let’s look at an example of hitting a bad session with a Martingale System…..

Starting roulette bank = 100.00
1 credit = 1.00

Bet 1: 1.00 red (lose)
Bet 2: 2.00 red (lose)
Bet 3: 4.00 red (lose)
Bet 4: 8.00 red (lose)
Bet 5: 16.00 red (lose - quit)
Loss = -32.00

As you can see above, a losing run of 5 even roulette wagers leaves us -32.00, when we start with a 1.00 wager. While it’s therefore true that lots of losing runs will wipe out your bank, statistically they should be rare - meaning in theory you can often greatly outweigh your losing streaks with profitable sessions. One problem of roulette strategies is knowing when to quit - and it’s always tempting to think with the logic that ‘the next spin must win’. However, this can be risky and many roulette experts suggest using between 4 and 8 progressive bets is preferable - delivering a balance of chance and risk. If you could hit 10 x 60 minute martingale roulette sessions and average 10 credits profit per session (+100 points), then you could conceivably hit two -32 losing cycles and still be 36 credits up. This is the exciting, volatile and risk for reward scenario you take on when playing roulette systems - and for some gamers it’s the ultimate way to play in online casinos.

However, you’re likely to get more success from applying roulette systems with some simple precautions………

> Always play the game with cash you can afford losing during volatile cycles
> Use the minimum roulette credit size for your first wager
> Set strict stop losses!
> Aim for small profit targets and don’t be afraid to click withdraw.

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